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    Electric Neck Massager

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    Neck Massager

    The neck massager is designed to adjust according to your needs. It uses a low-frequency electric pulse, magnetic effect, heat, and circular traction to create an efficient composite energy field in deep body tissue and bone marrow.

    Electric Pulse Massage 

    Electric pulse massage can stimulate blood circulation, and relieve your muscles. It is suitable for the treatment of relieving neck pain, shoulder, headache, dizziness, and fatigue.


    With vibration massage, electric pulse massage, and heating, this neck therapy device is designed for those who have neck pain and shoulder numbness. Use it for 30 minutes per day so, you can feel more relaxed.

    Ergonomic Design 

    With it's ergonomic design, our neck massager will fit your neck well and give a more comfortable massage.


    • Item Type: Electric Neck Massager
    • Power Supply: 2 X Aaa Batteries (Not Included)
    • Package Weight: Approx. 399 G
    • Size: Approx. 7 X 5.5 X .5in
      Material: Fiber


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